We supply Vienna with environmentally-friendly heating.

The heating sector is responsible for around half of end energy consumption in Austria, which is why it is important not only to focus on the electricity sector for the energy system transformation, but also to promote a ‘heat transition’ in equal measure. To this end, Wien Energie is setting particular store by increasing the use of environmentally-friendly district heating. We already supply 400,000 households with this today and operate one of the largest district heating networks in Europe, extending over 1,200 km, enabling us to save 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 every year. The heating revolution must be given priority on the energy policy agenda in order for these figures to rise further.

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District cooling

Wien Energie offers district cooling, so-called green cooling, on hot days. This smart technology uses waste heat to power the cooling machines and reduces CO2 emissions by around 50 percent compared with conventional air-conditioning systems.


District heating from Manner

Manner feeds waste heat from baking processes into the local district heating network, where it is used for heating and hot water by 600 households and businesses in the immediate vicinity of the wafer production plant, saving 1,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.



GeoTief is a research project for surveying the geological conditions in the eastern part of Vienna. This relates to scientifically investigating the potential for environmentally-friendly heat from subterranean reservoirs of hot water, with a view to producing a 3D model of Vienna’s geology using the collected data by 2021.


High-pressure heat storage tank

The world’s first high-pressure heat storage tank makes it possible for heating to be used when it is needed. Irrespective of when it is produced. It covers the annual heating requirements of around 20,000 households and saves around 11,000 tonnes of CO2 every year by optimising production and storage.


Large-scale heat pump

Utilising existing waste heat is an essential part of being able to supply heating in an even cleaner way. Simmering is where we run the most powerful large-scale heat pump in Central Europe, supplying around 25,000 households in Vienna with environmentally-friendly district heating, thereby saving 40,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.


Power-to-heat plant

The power-to-heat plant resembles an oversized kettle that converts excess electricity into environmentally-friendly heat. The plant has a total capacity of 20 MW and supplies 20,000 households with district heating, thereby playing a key role in maintaining stability in the power grid.