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Individual motorised transport is responsible for 40 percent of Vienna’ greenhouse gas emissions. It is absolutely essential to electrify individual transport for the City of the Vienna to be able to achieve its target of cutting transport-related CO2 emissions to zero by 2050. Surveys of the city’s residents have shown that a comprehensive network of charging points is the key factor in helping e-mobility achieve its breakthrough. This is why Wien Energie will install 1,000 additional publicly accessible charging points by 2020, working hard to increase the number of options available for people to be able to charge at home.

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Charging point expansion drive

The breakthrough of e-mobility depends on having a well-developed charging infrastructure. Wien Energie will therefore build 1,000 charging points the Greater Vienna metropolitan area by 2030 with a view to guaranteeing a comprehensive network of charging points for e-cars. Customers will never be more than 200 metres away from the next charging station.


E-mobility citizen participation

Wien Energie will build a total of 1,000 charging points by 2020 to ensure that there is a comprehensive network in place for electric cars. In the course of this project, residents of Vienna were given the opportunity to participate in the expansion drive by means of investment packages, thereby playing a role in the mobility revolution.

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