We are building the digital infrastructure of tomorrow

Wien Energie has entered the digital age with innovative urban development projects and smart technology. We will invest EUR 120 million in innovation and new business models between now and 2023, with particular focus being on expanding the network of fibre-optic cables capable of transporting gigabits. These are just as crucial to the city’s infrastructure as the supply of energy, drinking water or waste management services. This is a crucial survival factor for Vienna in terms of competition from other large European cities. We will install fibre-optic connections for up to 100,000 apartments over the next ten year.

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Digital schools

Wien Energie is paving the way to the classroom of the future. By 2022, we will be equipping 126 vocational colleges, polytechnics and middle schools in Vienna with comprehensive, high-speed WLAN access. This project involves an investment volume of EUR 40 million.


Pilot blockchain projects

Blockchain technology is set to revolutionise the energy industry, which is why Wien Energie is already proactively dealing with the topic and developing expertise. In 2017, for example, Wien Energie carried out the world’s first blockchain gas trade.


Smart drones

Inspections are an important part of the work to ensure that technical facilities remain efficient and able to function for a long period of time, and drones are increasingly being used for this purpose, making it possible for solar power plants, wind turbines and district heating pipelines to be maintained faster, cheaper and more reliably.


Viertel Zwei

Wien Energie is trialling aspects of future urban life by supporting innovative mobility, energy and living concepts in the VIERTEL ZWEI urban development area, in doing so also creating Austria’s first energy community. The residents trade self-generated solar power among themselves using blockchain technology.