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Residents of Vienna participate in the drive to increase the number of charging stations

Wien Energie will build a total of 1,000 charging points by 2020 to ensure that there is a comprehensive network in place for electric cars. In the course of this project, residents of Vienna were given the opportunity to participate in the expansion drive by means of investment packages, thereby playing a role in the mobility revolution. The overwhelming demand meant that 8,000 investment packages were sold instead of the 2,500 which were originally planned. What this means is that citizens have invested a total of two million euros in work to expand the charging station infrastructure.

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According to a recent study, 54 percent of Austrians could envisage switching to an electric car in the coming years. To this end, Wien Energie is already expanding Vienna’s network of charging points to ensure that charging will be possible throughout the city in the future. After all, having well-developed, publicly available infrastructure is an important condition when it comes to convincing drivers to switch to electric cars. Wien Energie is already involving citizens in its work to increase the number of charging stations in the city with a view to boosting the population’s level of acceptance in respect of e-mobility.

According to a study by the Vienna University of Technology, there will be around 81,000 e-cars on the road in Vienna by 2030. Adding to the number of available charging points will pave the way for emission-free mobility in Vienna and significantly improve air quality in the city. By investing in the expansion drive for charging points, citizens become active participants in the energy and mobility revolutions. In addition to the positive environmental effects, the participants also benefit financially from attractive voucher rewards.

Wien Energie’s model for participating in the expansion of charging points is based on vouchers. Voucher packages can be purchased online at a cost of EUR 250 each. In return, buyers receive a voucher worth EUR 55 every year for the next five years; EUR 65 in the case of existing Wien Energie customers. This corresponds to a return of nine percent. Voucher types include energy, e-mobility or online shop vouchers from Wien Energie as well as vouchers from Wiener Linien and SPAR.

Wien Energie will build 1,000 charging points in all 23 districts of Vienna by 2020 with a view to guaranteeing a comprehensive network of charging points for electric cars. The charging points have a capacity of 11 kW. Customers will never be more than 200 metres away from the next charging station. In an international comparison, Vienna is helping lead the way in expanding the network of charging stations. Only electricity generated from renewable energy sources is used at the charging stations.

Michael Strebl

“The success of e-mobility hangs on having strong infrastructure. Wien Energie has been doing important pioneering work in the city for years. We are also introducing a new, attractive participation model with the 1,000 new charging points.” 

Michael Strebl, General Manager of Wien Energie

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