Project Description

Wien Energie is investing in expanding WLAN for schools

Digitalisation is also gathering pace in schools. Comprehensive and high-speed internet infrastructure is essential for both teachers and pupils. Wien Energie is paving the way to the classroom of the future. By 2022, we will be equipping vocational colleges, polytechnics and middle schools in Vienna with comprehensive, high-speed WLAN access. This project involves an investment volume of EUR 40 million. By the time it is completed, 126 schools in Vienna will be benefiting from this future-oriented project.

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Project details

Digitalising is changing both society and how we work. That’s why school-aged children need to be prepared for the technology of tomorrow. Schools therefore have to create the right digital environment for this. The Schule Digital project is part of a comprehensive digitalisation strategy being pursued by the City of Vienna after having been initiated by its mayor, Michael Ludwig. It will provide all pupils in Vienna with high-speed internet access.

During summer 2019, seven pilot schools in Districts 3, 7, 10, 19 and 22 were equipped with the necessary infrastructure and WLAN. The remaining 119 schools will be provided with the necessary hardware and WLAN by 2022. A follow-up project is also planned to equip primary schools, among other institutions.

One of the biggest challenges associated with digitalisation is the need to create the necessary infrastructure. The information and communication technology currently in place at schools in Vienna is not yet ready to handle the planned expansion of digitalisation. This means that the existing cables, routers and other logistic prerequisites first need to be installed in order to guarantee comprehensive WLAN coverage at Vienna’s schools.

Peter Hanke

“Our aim is for Vienna to become a capital of digitalisation. To reach this goal, we also need to give pupils the necessary tools. That’s why we are investing in digital infrastructure for schools. When we look at the labour market, digital skills are now also essential here. The Schule Digital project boosts opportunities for young Viennese inhabitants.”

Peter Hanke, Vienna city councillor responsible for digitalisation

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