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Vienna’s first collective PV system

Wien Energie built Vienna’s first collective PV system in 2018. Installed on the roof of an apartment building on Lavaterstraße in Vienna’s 22nd District, this system covers an area of 400 square metres and generates 60,000 kWh of solar power every year. The system is designed in such a way that a portion of the solar power generated is consumed on site, with any surplus electricity being fed into the grid. A total of 48 households use the solar power directly from their own roofs, meaning that, with normal levels of consumption, every household is able to draw 30 percent of its annual electricity requirements from home-made solar power.

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Project details

The amendment to the Green Electricity Act in 2017 finally created the legal framework for PV systems to be installed on apartment buildings. Before the amendment, it was only possible for solar power in residential buildings to be used for common areas such as stairwells or lifts. But now the sun is turning Vienna’s roofs into their very own power plants, opening up a new business model for Wien Energie and enabling us to forge ahead with expanding the use of photovoltaics in Vienna.

Wien Energie is responsible planning, constructing and maintaining the system, as well as handling how the electricity is distributed to the individual households and the billing for this. In addition to the roof being the right size and positioned in the appropriate way, a collective photovoltaic systems also needs smart meters or other comparable electricity meters.

The residents do not incur any investment or running costs. The locally generated solar power is offered to the residents at a very favourable rate due to the fact that some grid fees and charges no longer need to be levied.

Michael Strebl

“The opportunity to share solar power among the individual residents of a building opens the door to completely new business models, enabling us to make huge strides forward in our work to expand the use of photovoltaics in Vienna. In our view, it is worth installing a collective PV system on up to ten percent of Vienna’s apartment buildings. These comprise residential buildings that already exist, such as social housing blocks, housing association buildings or classic apartment buildings. It goes without saying, however, that there is considerable potential when it comes to new buildings in particular.”

Michael Strebl, General Manager of Wien Energie

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