Mission Statement

Wien Energie supplies two million people, 230,000 businesses and industries with electricity, gas and heating in and around Vienna. As one of the top 30 companies in Austria in terms of revenue and employing nearly 2,200 people, what we do carries weight.

We rely on innovations in the supply of energy, increase the use of renewable energy sources and improve energy efficiency in all areas. We view new technologies – from artificial intelligence to blockchain – as an opportunity to further improve the quality of life of our customers.

Our vision for public affairs

As Austria’s leading energy company, we are at the very heart of political developments when it comes to electricity, heating, transport, telecommunications and digitalisation. Our public affairs team takes an active role in these very transformation processes that will shape the energy system of tomorrow. We see new technologies as an opportunity – an opportunity to undertake public affairs work in a digital, dialogue-oriented and evidence-based way.

As a member of the Austrian Public Affairs Association (ÖPAV), we are committed to following the principles of the ÖPAV Code of Conduct to ensure the responsible representation of interests. Integrity, transparency as well as compliance with and respect for fundamental principles of democracy form the basis of our work every day and are part of our very identity.

Our memberships

Wien Energie is a member of 50 associations at the national and European level, through which we work to promote an (inter)national exchange on energy policy developments. We ensure that our positions are heard by means of networking and active participation in associations. The challenges of the energy future can only be mastered in a joint dialogue with all industry representatives, thereby enabling the interests of the sector to present a more united and robust front vis-à-vis the relevant decision-makers. Together we are shaping the energy and heating system transformations.