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The energy sector is facing a period of radical change. As Austria’s leading energy company, we are at the very heart of political developments when it comes to electricity, heating, transport and digitalisation. Our public affairs team takes an active role in these transformation processes that will shape the energy system of tomorrow. We see new technologies as an opportunity – an opportunity to undertake public affairs work in a digital, dialogue-oriented and evidence-based way.

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Circular economy
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The Vienna Model

The model combines the use of waste heat from power generation (cogeneration), the generation of energy from waste, the utilisation of industrial heat and the use of renewable energy sources. This saves three million tonnes of CO2 every year.


Sewage sludge drying

Wien Energie has developed an innovative process for the digestion, dehydration, drying and incineration of sewage sludge to produce environmentally-friendly district heating. 40,000 tonnes CO2 can thus be saved every year. An additional, environmentally-friendly advantage of the process is that phosphorus can be recovered.


Solar roof on Haus des Meeres

As part of the refurbishment of the Haus des Meeres, Wien Energie is installing a solar roof consisting of 202 photovoltaic modules with a total output of at least 63 kWp. What is unique about this new solar roof is the use of special bifacial glass-glass solar modules which generate power not only from above but also from below.